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Looking for our plugins for Kibana < 7.9.0?
Builds are available in the downloads section of our customer portal, but only for paying subscribers.
If you are a new user, and need an older build, no problem. Just reach out.

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💁‍♂️ Installation

Step by step guides are available in our official documentation:

💪 Community Support

Get free support from the community

 🛎️ Customer Support

Open a public ticket, or a private one if you are an Enterprise user.

🙋‍♀️ FAQ - product

Do I need to install both Elasticsearch and Kibana plugins?

  • If you use Kibana, or you want to use the authentication, multi-user or multi-tenancy features, YES. You need to install our universal Kibana plugin. You don’t strictly need to use the PRO or Enterprise editions if you don’t need the advanced features, but you can test them using a trial activation key that you can generate in our portal.

Do you support older versions (Elastic stack < 7.0.0) ?

  • Yes, but only for paying customers. The oldest version supported is 6.0.0.
  • Remember to keep plugin versions aligned in Kibana and Elasticsearch!

Do all the latest Kibana apps work?

  • The majority. A few of the latest ones don’t work yet, we are improving compatibility in time.

Will new features work in older Elastic stack versions?

  • YES! New features will work on all Elasticsearch ≥ 6.0.0 and all Kibana ≥ 7.9.0
Questions, comments, issues? Contact us directly Or via email: at support AT readonlyrest DOT com 💬
Ulrich Schwickerath
Ulrich Schwickerath
Physicist, IT department CERN
“Our largest shared cluster [...] consolidates about 17 different use cases on the same hardware, lowering the total cost.”
Pierre Chesneau
Pierre Chesneau
Solution Architect Top French network operator
“ReadonlyREST Enterprise is one of the few software I use or used professionally, and I would recommend it 200%.”
Justin Henderson
Justin Henderson
GSE, SANS Instructor, CEO H/A Security Solutions
“I baked ReadonlyREST Free into SEC455 SIEM Design and Implementation. I'm openly recommending it to students and highlighting its features.”
Frederic Hosmann
Frederic Hosmann
Responsible of Platforms and Automation Creos S.A.
“ReadonlyREST was quick and easy to implement, that gave us more time to spend on other important tasks.”