To each user, their own Kibana.

"Our largest shared cluster [...] consolidates about 17 different use cases on the same hardware, lowering the total cost."

— Ulrich Schwickerath
Physicist, IT department, CERN
Key Features (Enterprise)

Real Multi-Tenancy

Different users, different dashboards.

Go beyond the multi-user: give your users their own kibana index where to save their own visualizations, dashboards, index patterns, and other settings.

Alternatively, a kibana index (a tenancy) can be assigned to a group of users, and each user can be granted different access levels (RO/RW).

Tenancy selector

One user, many tenancies.

When users are allowed to more than one tenancy, they can hop from one tenancy to the other by operating a drop-down menu.

So administratjors don't need to create additional ficticious users, and users won't need to log out & log in or handle more than one set of credentials

Product Details (Enterprise)


ReadonlyREST PRO/Enterprise contains the following functionality:


Detailed documentation about configuring and using each feature can be found in the ReadonlyREST collaborative documentation project.


Your subscription to ReadonlyREST Enterprise (or ReadonlyREST Embed) gives you priority support via email or forum for any issues which might arise

As a paying customer, you will actively contribute in sustaining the security-focused community that created ReadonlyREST by ensuring the project itself will remain well supported for the future Elasticsearch versions.


Once the subscription is created, you will be able to get the ReadonlyREST Enterprise plugin for Kibana via the self service download form. You will receive an email with instructions on how to download it and install it. The included download link is bound to your email address.

Remember that the Kibana plugin requires that the ReadonlyREST Free plugin for Elasticsearch is also installed.


ReadonlyREST Enterprise will receive bug fixes and new functionality over time. All upgrades will be free to subscribers..


ReadonlyREST Enterprise is a commercially licensed Kibana plugin which cannot function without ReadonlyREST Free plugin for Elasticsearch which is released under the GPLv3 license.

Please see the License FAQ for further detail on licensing including options for distributing ReadonlyREST products as part of your own commercial products.

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