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"ReadonlyREST was quick and easy to implement, that gave us more time to spend on other important tasks."

— Frederic Hosmann
Responsible of Operations, Encevo S.A.
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Key Features (Embed)

Bundle it into a commercial product

Sell proprietary software with ReadonlyREST as a building block.

Normally, ReadonlyREST works like Linux: it is licensed as GPL, and you're free to use it. But if you want to sell a product that contain its code, you have to publish ALL your source under a GPL compatible license well.

We offer you the possibility to buy a commercially re-licensed copy of the software (dual-licensing). So you will be able to sell your proprietary solution.

ReadonlyREST as a framework

Extend it with custom logic, connectors, event logging.

ReadonlyREST for Elasticsearch is nicely split between a stable "core" sub-project and many other sub-projects which take care of the wirings the core logic to the guts of each Elasticsearch version.

The wiring sub-projects take care of the difficult Elasticsearch-specific stuff and expose a bunch of stable, plain Java interfaces. Maintaining this code requires a lot of Elasticsearch specific expertise, and lots of work. ReadonlyREST taps into the internal code of Elasticsearch, which change a lot every time Elasticsearch releases a new version.

The "core" part instead is where the business logic lives. Here everything is plain Java objects, where your custom logic can be plugged without domain specific knowledge.

Product Details (Embed)


ReadonlyREST Embedded for Elasticsearch is a commercially licensed edition of the Free version, therefore includes the following features:

  • HTTPSlayer for Elasticsearch REST API
  • ACL: HTTP Level (method, path, body, etc.)
  • ACL: Network Level(IP ranges, hostnames)
  • ACL: Elasticsearch level (action, indices)
  • Authentication: HTTP Basic Auth
  • Authentication: external site HTTP Basic Auth
  • Authentication: JWT
  • Authentication: LDAP Authentication connector
  • Authorization: Internal user groups
  • Authorization: external JSON Microservice
  • Authorization: LDAP Authorization connector


Extensive and detailed documentation is available, covering common use cases and every supported feature.


If you need support from our developers, you need to open a subscription to a ReadonlyREST Enterprise and/or Embed. Without having one, you will not benefit of priority email support, and will rely solely on the user community and their good will for any issues which might arise.

As a paying customer, you will actively contribute in sustaining the security-focused community that created ReadonlyREST by ensuring the project itself will remain well supported for the future Elasticsearch versions.


Once the subscription is created, you will be able to get the ReadonlyREST PRO plugin for Kibana via the self service download form. You will receive an email with instructions on how to download it and install it. The included download link is bound to your email address.

Remember that the Kibana plugin requires that the ReadonlyREST Free plugin for Elasticsearch is also installed.


ReadonlyREST will receive bug fixes and new functionality over time. All upgrades will be free of charge and accessible through this website or the Github project.


This offer will legally allow you create and redistribute your commercial product embedding our technology. This is the "dual-licensing" model therefore, the legal constraints of GPLv3 will not withstand. The commercial license will rule out any legal issues your legal department might raise.

Please see the License FAQ for further detail on licensing including options for distributing ReadonlyREST Enterprise with your own products.