A solid, open source Elasticsearch security solution.

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ReadonlyREST PRO/Enterprise for Kibana

  • New: Kibana 6.2.4 and 5.6.9 are supported
  • Enhancement: detect common misconfiguration and guide user to docs
  • Bug Fix: concurrent tenants could end up with mixed hidden apps

ReadonlyREST for Elasticsearch

  • New: Elasticsearch 6.2.4 and 5.6.9 are supported
  • New: Document level security, with "filter" rule (thanks DataSweet.fr!)
  • New: Configurable query parameters and headers for custom groups providers (thanks @rbkasat!)
  • Enhancement: unauthorized responses should not echo HTTP headers
  • Enhancement: audit log report local address
  • Enhancement: audit log report X-Forwarded-For address
  • Enhancement: performance optimised logging of request contexts
  • Security Fix: avoid showing authorization header in logs
  • New: LDAP now support tenancy switching when users belong to multiple groups
  • Bug Fix: Don't throw IllegalArgumentException when authorization header is empty or malformed
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