With the new release of our 6.3.0 version, Elastic delivered the promised and long awaited code merge of X-Pack within the open source repositories of Elasticsearch and Kibana.

However, X-Pack license remains non free. What changes is that the code is now visible.

This operation entailed substantial changes, especially with the build system, especially for Kibana.

Read our Side-by-side feature comparison between X-Pack and ReadonlyREST Enterprise.

How does this affect the new release of ReadonlyREST?

Well, it really doesn’t. In fact, ReadonlyREST still remains the only Open Source / Free Software alternative for Elasticsearch. And with today’s release it’s available for 6.3.0 as well.

NB: At the moment, ReadonlyREST plugins for Kibana (PRO and Enterprise) are only compatible for the open source version of Kibana (the one that is built without X-pack).


See the new features introduced in ReadonlyREST 1.16.20