With the new release of our 6.3.0 version, Elastic delivered the promised and long-awaited code merge of X-Pack within the open source repositories of Elasticsearch and Kibana.

However, the X-Pack license still requires paying a fee. What has changed is that the code is now visible.

This operation entailed substantial changes, especially with the build system, and especially for Kibana.

Read our side-by-side feature comparison between X-Pack and ReadonlyREST Enterprise to find out more about how the two solutions compare.

How does this affect the new release of ReadonlyREST?

Well, it really doesn’t. In fact, ReadonlyREST still remains the only open source/free software alternative for Elasticsearch. With today’s release it’s available for 6.3.0 as well.

NB: At the moment, ReadonlyREST plugins for Kibana (PRO and Enterprise) are only compatible with the open source version of Kibana (the one that is built without X-Pack).


See the new features introduced in ReadonlyREST 1.16.20