This new release was very much invested in ReadonlyREST Free (our Elasticsearch plugin). We finally delivered the last three of the most desired features:

  1. The “filter” rule, which implements Document Level Security (DLS).
  2. The “fields” rule, which implements Field Level Security (FLS).
  3. The “audit_index_template” settings key, which implements a configurable index name and time granularity for audit logs.

The achievement of the above puts our free, open source ReadonlyREST plugin for Elasticsearch extremely close to the competition – Elastic’s official  X-Pack security module.

Read a side-by-side feature comparison between X-Pack and ReadonlyREST Enterprise.


ReadonlyREST PRO/Enterprise for Kibana

  • 🧐 Enhancement: when login, forward “elasticsearch.requestHeadersWhitelist” headers. (useful for “headers” rule  and “proxy_auth” to work well.)

ReadonlyREST for Elasticsearch

  • 🚀New Feature: DLS (with dynamic variables support) Thanks DataSweet!
  • 🚀 New feature: Field level security
  • 🚀 New rules: Snapshot, Repositories, Headers
  • 🧐 Enhancement: custom audit serializers: the request content is available
  • 🐞 Fix readonlyrest.yml path discovery
  • 🐞 Fix: LDAP available groups discovery (tenancy switcher) corner cases
  • 🐞 Fix: auth_key_sha1, auth_key_sha256 hashes in settings should be case insensitive
  • 🐞 Fix: LDAP authentication didn’t work with local group