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ReadonlyREST PRO/Enterprise for Kibana

  • Feature: works on Kibana 6.0
  • Feature: works in airgapped environments
  • Feature: works with delegated authentication "proxy_auth"
  • Feature: hides RW parts of Kibana UI (when the current user has no write privileges)
  • Feature: preserve comments and YAML formatting in settings UI
  • Feature: load balancer support (shared cookie encryption key)

ReadonlyREST for Elasticsearch

  • Feature: works on Elasticsearch 6.0
  • Feature: supports reindex requests
  • Feature: custom audit log serializers
  • Feature: LDAP allows fetching groups from a user attribute
  • Security fix: reads settings from config/readonlyrest.yml
  • Security fix: x-forwarded-for rule behaves like IETF specs.
  • Security fix: hosts rule resolves allowed hosts right before checking rule
  • Security fix: smarter handling of MultiSearch and MultiGet requests
  • Bug Fix: fixes hang on shutdown in Windows

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